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Analyzes the swings that you draw with trendlines. Its main advantage is that YOU tell it what impulses to look at. As you grow as a trader your skill in identifying structure and swings/impulses grows as well. So this means that the script also grows with you. Because you do not let the software decide which swing/wave is good or not. You SHOW swings to it. It is true, the script is not for newbies. One first needs to have a good swing identification technique before he can use it for benefit. Not only the script draws the patterns but also shows tradintional entry, stop and targets levels. And this is not all. Due to special algorythm embedded the software is able to draw the historical patterns as well as those that are setting up. This means that a trader can use it both for real time trading and for backtesting. Very powerful script. Similar scripts' price on the web starts from $800. 
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  2. ManualPS price is only $109.
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