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Hey, there. My name is Alexander Nikitin.


It is not a secret that we all came to the markets to make money. Just think of it. Every trader that is in the market right now be it a bank desk, hedge fund or a retail trader came to the market in search for money. If you are a seasoned trader the next sentence will be a reminder for you. And if you are a newbie the next sentence will be an eye-opener experience. So focus you attention on the following words.


Market is a closed system. It doesn’t have money coming from the outside. To make money you are to take it away from other participants. You are to compete other traders. You are to beat Larry Pesavento, Scott Carney, Bryce Gilmore, Jason Stapleton, Akil Stokes, Darren Oglesbee… You are to beat me in the end!


Are you sure you have an edge over the other market participants to take their money away? Do you have a strategy that is reliable today as well as it was 50 years ago?


If not sure I’ve got something amazing for you.


Imagine that you don’t need to guess at where to enter and where to exit anymore. Imagine that you have a professional software that does all this work for you. From now on you don’t need to spend hours analyzing the markets in search for the good opportunities. Sounds interesting? Then choose the items below.


  1. ManualPS
  2. Automatic Pattern Search Software Package
  3. PatternSearchPRO
  4. Support & resistance indicator