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Hey, guys. Welcome to the bonus page. No matter what kind of Pattern Search Software you purchase you will receive three bonus scripts for free. They are pattern trade, lots size calculator and ObjectsDeleteAll scripts. Let me talk about every of them in detail.


  1. Pattern trade. Suppose, you found a pattern on USDJPY 4H with LargeSwingPS. And this pattern is already completed. You decide to enter as soon as possible in order not to miss this opportunity. PatternTrade is the best solution in this case. It will open a trade at MARKET and place stops and targets with a blink of an eye. You only need to set a proper lot size. Suppose, next time you found a pattern on AUDUSD Daily in advance with ManualPS but you don’t have time to sit in front of your computer and wait until price reaches the entry level. No worries. Pattern Trade is extremely smart. It recognizes that the pattern is not completed yet that’s why it will place a LIMIT order this time. 
  2. Lot size calculator. This script calculates the appropriate lot size so you could only risk a fixed amount of dollars or a fixed percentage of your capital. Just set the stoploss size in pips (e.g. 25 points for 4-digit broker and 250 points for 5-digit broker). Let’s say, you want to risk only 3% of your capital in every trade regardless of how large your stoploss is. Lot size calculator is the best solution. Whether your stoploss is small or large make sure you will always risk 3%. Now, let’s say you are not a fan of percentages and you want to risk only $100 in every trade regardless of your stoploss size. It is easy with lot size calculator. Just type 100 in the moneysize box and you will get the lot size that allows you to risk only $100.
  3. ObjectsDeleteAll. This is the most important script of all the package. Suppose, you did a back testing of large patterns with PatternSearchPro and now you want to back test small patterns. You are to delete old pattern and draw the new ones. Deleting objects one by one is very monotonous and time-consuming.  ObjectsDeleteAll will prepare you chart for further research work in a double click.