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LargeSwingPS, MediumSwingPS, SmallSwingPS

These three scripts analyze the market swings fully automatically. With a simple double-click you will have a pattern drawn on your chart with entries, stops and targets. Why do you need three? The first one analyzes large swings, the second one analyzes medium swings and the third one analyzes small swings. Look how fast they are. This software package is good both for newbies and for seasoned traders. The scripts have no settings at all. So newbies won't make any mistake. And seasoned traders will save lots of time and think rather about a winning portfolio than about the setups. Similar software price on the web starts from $2500.
  1. As you saw in the video, PS scripts scripts only require a double-click.
  2. The price of the three scripts package: LargeSwingPS, MediumSwingPS, SmallSwingPS - is only $109
  3. Get your bonus.


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