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This one is made for professionals who want to improve their trading results. It has lots of settings: you can choose the size of the swings, you can choose either to display all patterns at once or one by one, you can choose either to show historical patterns or not, you can switch manual mode on/off. This script is very handy for backtesting. Within three seconds it will draw thousands of patterns on the chart. It can be used fo trading as well. You just need to switch the history mode off. If you decide to trade only large cyphers on 1H timeframe you save a template. Next time you can load the template and it will set the script accordingly. If you decide to analyze custom swings then just switch the manual mode on and mark the swings you want be analyzed with trendlines. PatternSearchPro can do everything that ManualPS and Automatic Pattern Search can. In addition it can show all the patterns on history. Similar software price starts from $3000.

  1. PatternSearchPro draws All the patterns including those that never completed (price first violated C before it came to D)
  2. PatternSearchPro cost is $273.
  3. Get your bonus.



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